Good Night, Baddies

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good-night-baddies-9781481409841_hrGood Night, Baddies
By Deborah Underwood
Illustrated by Juli Kangas
Published by Beach Lane Books
ISBN-13: 9781481409841
Age Range: 4 – 8 Years

Get to know the softer side of your favorite fairy tale baddies as they return home from a full day of scheming to enjoy a yummy dinner together and help one another get ready for bed.

Wolves, today was not so good.
You didn’t catch Red Riding Hood.
You huffed and puffed without success.
But brush your fangs, please, nonetheless.

Wicked witches. Evil queens. And big, bad wolves. By day they’re such baddies! But cozy at night at home among friends? Why, they couldn’t be nicer! Inspired by the mischief-makers from classic folk and fairy tales, this picture book shows that even the baddest baddies can have big hearts.

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Put witches, trolls, dragons and wolves to bed with the Good Night, Baddies Bedtime Color!




tptvsgdn De-boo-rah Underworld (sometimes known as Deborah Underwood) lives in a haunted crypt in San Francisco with her creepy cat, Bella. She enjoys casting spells, flying on her broomstick, raising bats, and reading Weekly World Boos to discover new ways to decorate with spiderwebs. The thing she likes the most about being a witch is never needing to brush her hair. (This is eerily similar to the thing she likes the most about being a writer.)

Her numerous picture books include Interstellar Cinderella, Here Comes Santa Cat, The Quiet Book, and the upcoming Super Saurus Saves Kindergarten.

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