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Families! Bookish Individuals! Trick-or-Treat!


TOR Furry TDo you love when the doorbell rings on Halloween?  Me too.  I cannot wait to see the kids’ costumes and better yet to hear their stories of who or what they are dressed as.

Halloween is a holiday of imagination and story.

Curious City, a creative children’s book marketing and literacy company, hopes to increase the access to stories on Halloween (and year round) and to use the holiday to facilitate kid book discovery.



100 Scary, Mysterious & Fantastical Stories for Kids

Using children’s book excerpts, book trailers, slideshows of sequential illustrations and audiobook clips, TRICK OR REATERS is offering 100 free story teasers to introduce kids (ages 12 and under) to new authors and books. Explore the growing list of stories here.

Look to the right of the page to see how your kids can select stories by Age-o-Meter, Scare-o-Meter or Choose Your Treat (keywords).

Many of the stories also have free downloadable activities!

Everything is FREE and kids’ information is not requested nor recorded in any way.




What is the best way to use TRICK OR REATERS? That is for you to decide, clever ones! For whatever you choose, we offer a collection of free B&W flyers for you to print and share with kids and opportunities to share the program on social media.

Some families & individuals are:

  • Sharing the website on their social media
  • Stuffing Trick-or-Treat bags with flyers
  • Urging their schools & libraries to share stories this Halloween