Booksellers! Trick-or-Treat!

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Booksellers know the secret.
Halloween is about stories.

How can you participate in a simple promotion that brings families back to the store to ask for books by name?

How can you get your whole community to use Halloween as an opportunity for book discovery?
Introduce your community to TRICK OR REATERS.



What Does TRICK OR REATERS Offer Your Readers?

Using children’s book excerpts, book trailers, slideshows of sequential illustrations and audiobook clips, TRICK OR REATERS is offering 100 free story teasers to introduce kids (ages 12 and under) to new authors and books. Explore the growing list of stories here.

Look to the right of the page to see how your kids can select stories by Age-o-Meter, Scare-o-Meter or Choose Your Treat (keywords).

Many of the stories also have free downloadable activities!

Everything is FREE and kid’s information is not requested nor recorded in any way.



How Can Your Bookstore Use TRICK OR REATERS?

We have created a collection of free B&W flyers for you to print and share with your customers. You can customize them with your logo and location if you choose!

Some booksellers are:

  • Sharing the website on their blog & other social media outreach.
  • Encouraging customers to give the flyers to trick-or-treaters at their own homes.
  • Stuffing Trick-or-Treat bags with flyers at the store & at home.
  • Stuffing customer bags at point of purchase.
  • Placing flyers on info desks & cash registers.