Dressing Up

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Dressing Up
Series: Amazing Me!, #4
By Carol Thompson
Illustrated by Carol Thompson Published by Child’s Play-International ISBN-13: 9781846439605
Age Range: 3 – 6 Years

We’re amazing! We can dress up, sing, dance and make music. There’s nobody quite like us! Enjoy the antics of this inclusive and diverse group of friends, as they celebrate the natural and boundless creativity to be found in every child.

Look For It If You Dare…
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Carol Thompson is an English author/illustrator living in a small town in the middle of England. Her childhood was spent in the East Anglian Fens, a wild landscape of flatland, water and huge skies. As a child she cycled everywhere – and still does! She graduated with a BA in textile design, and worked as an illustrator in a small studio, eventually finding her place in the wonderful world of children’s picture books. Carol is now the illustrator and in some cases the author/illustrator of more than sixty books. Her work has been translated into more than twenty languages, including Lebanese and two indigenous Sioux languages, Dakota and Ojibwe. Somewhere in between she also raised three sons.