Magic For Sale

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Magic For Sale
By Carrie Clickard
Illustrated by John Shelley
Published by Holiday House Publishing

ISBN-13: 9780823435593
Age Range: 4 – 8 Years

A deliciously spooky, spectacularly illustrated story of a boy’s adventure in a magic shop that’s perfect for Halloween…and beyond!

On the corner of Hemlock and Blight, the magic shop of Miss Pustula Night is open for business. Enchantments fill the shelves, but it’s the rumor of a shop ghost that really has kids excited. Brave Georgie McQuist is prepared to find the phantom, but he’s not prepared for what happens when Miss Night catches him in the act!

Look For It If You Dare…
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Learn How to Identify the NOTHING (To Be Scared Of)


A wannabe ghost hunter and Halloween addict, Carrie Clickard grew up in the midwest as a band, drum corps and drama geek. She graduated from Michigan State University with a firm belief that dragons exist and that competitive baton twirling should be an Olympic sport.  When she’s not safely tucked behind her computer monitor writing spooky stories, Carrie tours the world in the company of family, friends and a four pound poodle named Pandora.
John Shelley is an award-winning artist who has illustrated more than fifty books, including Crinkle, Crackle, Crack and Halloween Forest by Marion Dane Bauer. In a starred review, Kirkus Reviews praised Halloween Forest as “elegantly designed.” He lives in Norwich in the United Kingdom.