I Love You More Than the Smell Of Swamp Gas

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I Love You More Than
the Smell of Swamp Gas
By Kevan Atteberry
Illustrated by Kevan Atteberry
Published by HarperCollins Publishers
ISBN-13: 9780062408716
Age Range: 4 – 8 Years

Little monster wonders: Does Papa love the swamp more than he loves his little monster?

Papa and little monster are on a skink chase in a dark, stinky swamp.

Do you love me as much as the skink that you chase…or the smell of the swamp…or the beasts in this place?

From the author-illustrator of Bunnies!!! and Puddles!!!, as well as the illustrator of Tickle Monster, Kevan Atteberry, comes a monstrously tender and silly tale guaranteed to elicit lots of giggles and monster hugs. Perfect for Halloween and Father’s Day, as well as for fans of Dan Santat and Peter Brown.

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Make a Swamp Spider Parade (8 downloads)


Kevan Atteberry knew he wanted to make picture books ever since he ate his first crayon. Which is not advised. Nearly all of the books he has written and/or illustrated are about monsters. We don’t know why. But he keeps doing it. He has become something of a monster documentarian. His two previous books with Harper are Bunnies!!! and Puddles!!!