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Children’s Book Illustrators! Trick-or-Treat!

12,000 trick-or-treaters and Halloween lovers visited this site in 2016 and discovered new children’s books. Will you join the ghouls this year?


Illustration © Devon Johnson

Illustration © Devon Johnson


T.O.R. Mission:

To create discovery for your books by connecting trick-or-treaters to this website filled with scary, mysterious and fantastical stories by children’s book creators.

Does your featured book need to be scary or fantastical? No! Read on…



The T.O.R. Ghouls:

TRICK OR REATERS is run by the ghouls at Curious City, sponsored by the lead ghoul at Erin Murphy Literary Agency and spookily supported by author Anika Denise.



How It Works:

1. Illustrators and authors provide T.O.R. with content – a Story To Snatch, a Wicked Read, a Free & Freaky, and a profile of themselves as a Creepy Creator. Look for more details in the Content section below.

2. T.O.R. creates a feature on you that contains all of the submitted content. See sample features.

3. T.O.R. provides schools, libraries, bookstores, organizations, families and individuals with flyers they can download and print announcing

4. Schools, libraries, bookstores, organizations, families and individuals put flyers in trick-or-treaters’ bags on Halloween.

5. Trick-or-treaters visit the site and access your feature by clicking on an Age-o-meter, Scare-o-Meter, or subject in “Choose Your Treat” See right column!

6. Trick-or-treaters discover you and other new favorite illustrators and authors.

7. The content stays up for year-round discovery and remains up each year as the program builds!

8. Frightfully fantastic?!



Participation Requirements:

1. Children’s book illustrators must have a PAL book(s) (published by traditional publishing houses that do not charge money to authors or illustrators).

2. Featured books and content should be appropriate for ages between 3-12.

T.O.R. reserves the right to curate the collection of stories, authors and illustrators featured.



Content & Other Support Illustrators Provide:

1. Story To Snatch: You will need to provide an original or published excerpt of a scary, mysterious or fantastical story in words or images. This story’s age level should be equivalent to the age level of your featured book.

You can provide either:
— Up to 30 pieces of sequential art to be displayed as a slideshow + 100 words of text.  See Example.
— Book trailer or video with haunting or fantastical theme + 100 words of text.  See Sample.
— SoundCloud audiobook clip player.  See Sample.
— 600 words or less of original haunting or fantastical prose or poetry. This is a great choice if your featured book is neither scary, mysterious nor fantastical.  See Sample.
— 600 words or less excerpt from a haunting or fantastical published work. See Sample.

NOTE: The illustrator is required to secure permission from their publisher for the content they submit.

2. Wicked Read: One book to highlight.

3. Creepy Creator:
—200 or less word bio. We prefer fun and Halloween-themed custom bios!
—Link to your illustrator or book page.
—Illustrator photo.

4. Free & Freaky: A link to or PDF of a free activity for readers. (Optional.)

5. Fee: $50 invoiced by Curious City via PayPal once feature is posted.



The T.O.R. Ghouls Will Provide:

1. A freaky feature on you. See a sample feature.

2. Classification of your feature by target age, level of scary, and theme to help trick-o-treaters find your feature.

3. A collection of promotional flyers available for individuals and organizations to download and share with trick-or-treaters. (The initial collection was created by MECA Illustration students and forthcoming flyers will be created by published children’s book illustrators.)

4. Rolling announcements to national school, library, literacy, and consumer groups.

5. Ongoing social media outreach.

6. Opportunities to promote your feature and TOR in general.

7. Access to your content for future years of the program!  (You only pay once!)


Create a Flyer, T.O.R. Gives You 50% Off :

T.O.R. would like to highlight your frightfully brilliant illustration in another manner.  Would you like schools, libraries, bookstores, organizations, families and individuals to download, print and give trick-or-treaters a T.O.R. flyer with your illustration and design?

See current collection (many created by MECA Illustration majors.)

If you willing to create a flyer, T.O.R. will discount your fee by 50%.  Curious?  What are the specs?

1. Black and white only.

2. Image features a monster or fantastical creature removing the the 2nd “T” from the phrase “Trick or Treaters” so that it reads “Trick or reaters.”

3. Image’s level of scariness is appropriate for kids ages 12 and under.

4. Text reads, “You have been tricked!  Your treat is not here, but online at” and “Visit for scary stories (at all levels of frightful) by children’s book creators.”

5. Copyright line for your artwork.

6. Final file is a 300 dpi .jpeg sized at 8.5 x 11 inches.

NOTE: Please let us know your interest in creating a flyer in the form below before drawing something clever.



Questions & Ideas:

Please reach out to Kirsten Cappy at Curious City, 207-420-1126 or with questions and thoughts no matter how frightful!




If this fiendish plan catches your attention, let us know that you are interested in the form below. T.O.R. will contact you within a week to start the devilish dialogue!

Interested in being a TRICK OR REATERS illustrator?